Split Level Homes in Pennsylvania

Throughout the fifties and sixties, the Philadelphia and Wilmington suburbs experienced a tremendous amount of growth.  One of the primary style beneficiaries of this growth was the development of the split level home.

As homes expanded and families need additional room to grow, styles shifted from predominantly small ranch homes to splits and colonials.  Splits in particular were very popular throughout the region due to their flexible floor plans and ease of construction on many land topographies.  They were built in every style, shape, and location and proved a convenient alternative to both one level and two+ story homes.  Their flexibilty, ease of access, and reduced stairs proved popular with both families and those who were looking for easier access.

Today, the area continues to contain a rich variety of split level homes in all shapes and sizes.  From small to large, city to country, two to six levels, there is an endless variety of configurations.  After being passed on for years to more traditional styles, split levels are now receiving renewed interest as families again are looking at more imaginative and practical living opportunities.

Please feel free to review the attached links that provide additional details on the style and when you are ready to consider either buying or selling a split level home, please contact me so that we can discuss the current possibilities.

SplitLevel.net - a great basic primer of split level homes

Wikipedia - some additional basic split level info