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You recently had your home listed for sale and it has recently expired with no apparent sale. It’s frustrating, you’re tired, you’re ready to move     ….     What Now?


Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc has a sterling reputation for successfully representing homeowners seeking to sell their properties


Still Want To Move?

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To:  David Henke


Did your last listing take advantage of the marketing tools available today? Did it:

            - Have multiple pictures on the MLS?
            - Take advantage of local and national advertising opportunities?
            - Have a virtual tour to highlight special features as appropriate?
            - Include your home on as an enhanced or featured home?
            - Have exposure on one of the top Broker Owned sites?
            - Have additional exposure through agent owned sites?
            - Have invitation post cards advertising an Open House?
            - Have flexibility on your length of listing contract?
            - Include your property on a local blog?
            - Have a large Post Sign for higher visibility?
            - Use an automated voice response system as available?
            - Provide continuous feedback and quick contact from your realtor?
            - Send you statistics on your recent website activity?
            - Have a personal web address to advertise your home?

If you answered no to any of the above, be sure to check out all your options to be certain that you are receiving the maximum exposure that your property deserves. 



Looking for Options?

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To:  David Henke


All homes are unique but the reasons they don’t sell follow some common patterns. So what items do you need to address?




In today’s buyer oriented market, this is probably the key component of any marketing plan
Unlike a few years ago when you could set any price and wait for the market to reach it, every property must now be priced aggressively from the outset. This means taking a very close look at all comparable sales in the region. The market is stable and in some areas still declining so buyers are waiting for the best “deal” before even making an offer. A few thousand dollars can make the difference between a home being sold or simply never being shown.
The condition will get your home shown, but you will not receive a premium for your upgrades.
If your home doesn’t look great in your online pictures and the pictures are not supported by a simply drive by the property, you’ve probably lost the sale. Today, there are many do it yourself buyers. Even if working with an agent, buyers are continually out checking properties on their own online, in person in the neighborhood, and simply dropping in on Open Houses. This means the properties are continually being shown at all hours of the day and night and often with next to no notice. Today’s buyers don’t look through the clutter, they will simply find another property that “looks better”. 
This is probably the number one issue currently being addressed in the market.
You have a great offer, have accepted the offer, and multi-weeks down the line, the buyer cannot move forward because the property “doesn’t appraise”. In this market, appraisers are appraising to function, not to upgrades, so a homeowner needs to understand that even if a buyer is willing to pay a premium, they may not be able to get the property to appraise for that value. Those items will attract the buyers and receive the offers, but at this point, you won’t receive your due for the time, money, and work that you have invested. Appraisers no longer are trying to match the contract price—any value may result from an appraisal today.
Unqualified Buyers:
Next to appraisals, this is probably the second biggest issue.
Most buyers can still get pre-approved for a loan. The problem arises, that many of these same buyers will never get a loan through underwriting. With the continuing changes in Washington, the ever changing underwriting standards, and the bank paranoia, any potential issue can result in a loan being pulled at any time prior to settlement—even the same day! Many sales are delayed or tank the week before closing. In many ways, settlements are becoming an art so be ready for anything at the last minute.
Next to pricing, this probably can have the most impact on your successful sale. 
Your property must be exposed everywhere. Maximum pictures need to be posted, videos need to be made, signs need to be visible, blogs need to be posted, information needs to be available in all formats 24 hours a day on as many sites and venues as possible. Ten years ago the newspapers were key as the primary source of real estate information, today they have become almost irrelevant. Buyers want pictures, details, school information, neighborhood information now. There are tons of sites delivering this information, your home information needs to be just as available.

Still Want to Move?

Contact Me. There are many options out there, but only one goal. You need the exposure, service, and clarity that we can supply.



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To:  David Henke

Why Long & Foster?


-   Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc has been helping people Buy and Sell homes since 1968. Today, it continues to be family owned and is proud to be the #1 privately-owned real estate company in America.
-   Quality of Service: Long & Foster Sales Associates are simply the best in the business.
-   With over 14000 Sales Associates, Long & Foster has earned a reputation for integrity and professionalism.
-   Long & Fosters bold , colorful, highly-visible “For Sale” signs attract maximum buyer interest in your property.
-   Our strong network of residential sales offices blankets the region and ensures a dominant market share.
-   Your home is guaranteed maximum exposure to the real estate community through the Trend MLS System.
-   Long & Foster’s web site gives your home maximum exposure with over 260,000 homes for sale, interactive mapping tools, virtual Tours, and more.
-   Long & Foster has created a network of the finest local service providers through our HOME SERVICE Connections to help you prepare your house for sale or turn your new house into a home.
-   Long & Foster’s number one source of buyers is the vast pool of referrals from previously satisfied customers and clients.
-   Long & Foster is part of the largest independent broker referral network in the country, “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World”, attracting thousands of out-of-town buyers.


-   Long & Foster Sales Associates receive thousands of buyer leads each year through its Relocation Division and Metro Referrals Services.
-   Long & Foster listings priced at $1Million and above receive exposure to luxury buyers on a national and international basis through our affiliations with global luxury home networks including Long & Foster’s Extraordinary Properties Division.
-   Potential future buyers come from Long & Foster’s Residential Property Management Division.
-   Buyers can take advantage of one-stop service with the Long & Foster Companies including mortgages, homeowners insurance, title service, and settlement services.
-   Long & Foster offices have state-of-the-art communication, web, and support services to facilitate all aspects of the home buying and selling transaction.

-   Long & Foster is “Connected”: taking advantage of all the local and regional web based platforms to support the sale of your property including Zillow, Trulia, Localism,, and the local newspapers.


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To:  David Henke